Zoo Lights

During the Christmas season many zoos across the nation have Zoo Lights!

Zoo Lights are an amazing display of lights all over the zoo. The zoo reopens after dark and you an your family travel through looking at the amazing light displays and get to see some of the animals.

Zoo light hours, tickets and dates vary per zoo. Here is a list of some of the zoos which have zoo lights. Each zoo name links to a page with more information for that zoo. Be sure to check out the pages for coupons, discounts and all the other information.

Zoos go all out to show their best displays. Many zoos offer discounts or even free admission to their members and some zoos like the National Zoo in Washington DC have free admission for everyone. Pretty cool eh?

If you have never been to a zoo lights display it is worth going. Especially if you have kids. They are pretty amazing. Here are just a few pictures to spark your interest.