Will Baby Elephant at Oregon Zoo Become Apart of a Private Traveling Circus Show?

A baby elephant born at the Oregon zoo has been all the rage lately. Now there is some rage over the fact this baby elephant may become apart of an entertainment traveling show.

An entertainment company apparently owns the baby elephant. Have Trunk Will Travel out of California is the company that owns the elephant. The “entertainment” consists of circuslike events and elephant rides, which can bring in up to $500 per hour.

As you can imagine animals lovers did not like this little fact uncovered by the Seattle Times.

Apparently the Portland Zoo has plans and negotiations under way to keep the animal at the zoo and close to its mother.

Kim Smith, the executive director of the zoo said this,

“Ownership doesn’t really mean anything, it’s not something that bares where this animal lives. This animal lives here.”

We will let you know what happens with this baby elephant. Lets hope for the best.

For more info visit the Seattle Times article here.

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