Kangaroo Zoo

Note: We understand that the Kangaroo Zoo is not a typical zoo, but we decided to list it here because it is such a great experience for kids to be able to play with inflatable animals and toys. Kids love the experience and to them the animals are just like what they see at the zoo, but fake.

The Kangaroo Zoo is an indoor play area with three different locations in Utah. Not your typical zoo, the Kangaroo Zoo is complete with three-story tall inflatable critters—everything from leopards and dragons, to dolphins and lizards. Kids can get as close to the blow up animals as they want while they spend the day jumping out their energy! But the jump room is only the beginning of the fun at the Kangaroo Zoo.

There’s also a black light miniature golf course, birthday party rooms, bug exploration, and slides of all sizes—from “take your breath away to “warm and friendly.” And for the adults in the room, Kangaroo Zoo offers wireless internet and lounge style massage chairs to keep you comfortable while your kids play.


Kangaroo Zoo Coupons

Kangaroo Zoo coupons can help you save a little money when you visit.

Be sure to visit the Kangaroo Zoo website online promotions. Currently, the best Kangaroo Zoo discount is $20 off any party package. You can find this Kangaroo Zoo coupon on their website. Be sure to book your party in advance, and print your coupon out before you arrive.

The Kidz Club also provides Kangaroo Zoo discounts. You can sign up for the Kidz Club directly on the Kangaroo Zoo website. Once the zoo receives your information, they will send you discounts and promotions.

Be sure to check back often for new Kangaroo Zoo discounts and promotions.


Hotels Near Kangaroo Zoo:

There are many Utah hotels that can be used to visit the Kangaroo Zoo. Hotels near the Kangaroo Zoo include the La Quinta Inn Orem, the Holiday Inn Express Hotel American, and the Hampton Inn & Suites Orem.

You can find and book Kangaroo Zoo hotels online through travel websites, like Expedia or Travelocity.

Zoo Hours

Kangaroo Zoo Hours:

The zoo is open Monday through Thursday from 10 AM until 8 PM.
The zoo is open Friday and Saturday from 10 AM until 9 PM.

Zoo Info

Prices for Admission Monday through Thursday:
Active Play: $7.99
Golf: $5.99

Prices for Admission Friday, Saturday, and Holidays:
Active Play: $8.99
Golf: $6.99

Website: http://www.kangaroozoo.net

Phone Number: 801-785-9999

The Kangaroo Zoo has three different locations in Utah: Pleasant Grove, North Salt Lake, and the newest location in Ogden. There is free parking available in each location.


Kangaroo Zoo Jobs:

Check back with the Kangaroo Zoo through their website, or call them at 801-785-9999 if you are interested in a Kangaroo Zoo job.

The Kangaroo Zoo has three different locations in Utah. The Pleasant Grove location offers the famed Strawberry Days festival, which is the longest festival to take place in Utah. Held during the end of June, Strawberry Days hosts parades, pageants, rodeos, carnivals, and other festivities. Ironically, there are no strawberries involved in the event! The other two locations are situated near Salt Lake City, Utah, the capitol and most populated area of the state. Rich in history, Salt Lake City boasts many historical and art museums in its downtown area. The Salt Lake Temple, State Capitol, and This Is The Place Heritage Park all offer stunning architecture and natural landscapes for you to enjoy when you visit Utah.