Hogle Zoo

Everyone enjoys a good tour in a wonderful zoo where you get to see different exotic animals in their simulated natural habitat. Visiting a zoo is not only considered to be a leisure past time but it is also an educational kind of tour where you can bring kids and your whole family.

In a wonderful place along the entrance of Emigration Canyon is the home of about a thousand different kinds of animals that represent the two hundred species. Utahs Hogle zoo is a sanitarium for the exotic birds and plants, rare Grevys zebras, tropical gardens, giraffes in houses and a lot more wonderful creatures.

Utahís Hogle Zoo is considered to be one of Utahs treasures. The Hogle Zoo is among the many zoos that are frequently visited in the state and it was said to be Salt Lake Citys most paid tourist attraction.

In this great sanitarium, there are tons of activities to be done. Aside from strolling the 42 acre lot where animals can greet you in every corner, there are also activities where you can actually encounter the animals. Meet over 800 different kinds of creatures and learn about their natural characteristics, some fun facts, the things they eat and more.

Aside from strolling and meeting the animals, visitors can also sign up for fun educational programs where they can learn more about animals, plants and nature. It is an entertaining opportunity to learn more interesting facts for the kids and adults. Visitors can also drop by the zooís annual art show according to the eventís schedule. It usually shows artworks by artists of different ages. On the side note, you can also set up a special event if you would like to have an exotic theme. Hogle Zoo can let you and your visitors have corporate parties and let you experience the zoo after-hours. This could be an exciting and unforgettable experience for having a party in a unique environment with scrumptious food menus and first class facilities.


Hogle Zoo Coupons

When visiting Hogle Zoo, you do not have to always pay the full price since they promote some special offers or discount admission coupons that can be acquired through their community partners.

These Hogle Zoo coupons mayu be valid for a short period of time and each Hogle Zoo coupon would feature an expiration date. The Hogle Zoo would usually have different kinds of discount coupons according to the occasions and their promotions.

Acquiring coupons is not the only way to have a discounted admission price. Any visitor can also become a member for a year. This membership can let you have great discounts, be invited to exclusive events and unique animal explorations.

When you sign up for a Hogle Zoo membership, you get to enjoy the benefits of:

having discounted admissions on over a hundred twenty five (125) zoos across the country;
have an admission discount of Zoolights!, ZooCamp and Zoo education classes;
have a copy of The Safari memberís magazine; have a discount on food and gift purchases;
receive a monthly newsletter;
have a discount on the Wild Ride Punch Pass;
be part of the Membersí Rewards Program on gift and food purchases;
be invited to events exclusively for members and have free unlimited admission on regular zoo visiting hours for a whole year from the month that you have purchased the membership.


Hotels Near Hogle Zoo:

Tourists and other visitors would want to make the visit worthwhile, so they usually check in a nearby hotel. Since there is no Hogle Zoo hotel in the exact location where the zoo is located, you can book a room for you and your family in the hotels nearby. You can check the site of HotelGuides or Travelocity to see the ones that are available.

Some of the hotels near Hogle Zoo are the Hampton Inn and Suites in Salt Lake City and the Marriott Hotel University Park in Salt Lake City. Nearby Hogle Zoo Hotels would also include the Grand America Hotel and the Homestead Studio Suites and Sugarhouse.

If you are with your family on a day trip, the nearby Hogle Zoo hotel packages also features a bed and breakfast type of accommodation, like the Armstrong Mansion Bed and Breakfast and Ellerbeck Mansion Bed and Breakfast.

Zoo Hours

Hogle Zoo Hours:

Hogle Zoo is open everyday, which is why you can visit the animals and the other botanical displays to your hearts content; although they are closed on special occasions like on Christmas and New Years Day.

During the summer, they open on March 1 to October 31st of every year and the gates are open at 9 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon. The grounds will be open at the same time and it will close a little later at 6:30 pm. During Winter hours, which is on November 1 to February 28, the gates will be open at 9 in the morning and close at 4 in the afternoon.

The grounds will be open at the same time and close at 5 in the afternoon. ZooLights Hours begin on December 1st to 31st and they open their gates and grounds from 5:30 in the afternoon and close at 9 in the evening on Sundays until Wednesdays; 5:30 pm until 10pm on Thursdays until Saturdays and 5:30 pm until 9 in the evening on every Christmas eve.

Zoo Info

Hogle Zoo admission prices are usually arount $12 for an adult and $10 for Seniors and kids.

In the off season the price drop so be sure to check with the website or call for more exact pricing.

Website: http://www.hoglezoo.org/

Parking: On most occasions, parking in the Hogle Zoo lot can be challenging. To provide more parking spaces for visitors, the zoo has collaborated with the Place Heritage Park across the Sunnyside Avenue. The payment for the parking would cost you $5.00 per automobile and you can also receive a discount admission offer to checl the Heritage Park.

Phone number: Zoo guest services department (801) 584 – 1769
The Place Heritage Park (801) 582 – 1847

Directions: The Hogle Zoo is located at 2600 Sunnyside Avenue in Salt Lake City, Utah. You can print out a more detailed visualization of a map through MapQuest.com.


Hogle Zoo Jobs:

Are you a nature and an animal lover? Do you think the Hogle Zoo job is for you? The Zoo offers both part time and full time jobs. For the part time jobs, they are hiring people for the Food Services, Gift Sales Staff, Guest/Gift Services and Eco-explorer. For the full time jobs, they are hiring people as Animal Care Supervisor and as Grounds Crew.

Working with the best crew of Hogle Zoo may be the best experience you can have. You get to enjoy the animals and the exotic plants that they have protected in the zoo. Although some of these jobs may require a hands-on experience, it does not mean that you should not try applying for it. This may be a wonderful experience for you, so check out the site of Hogle Zoo and be updated with their job openings.

The Hogle Zoo usually hold different events for their visitors. Oftentimes, they post a calendar filled with activities that will be held in the zoo. Some of these activities may include Breakfast with the Bunnies, Book Club, Polar Bear Whiteout, Frog Conservation Ball and lots more. You can also join in their campaigns and donations in promoting better growth and environment for the amazing animals.

Remember to check out the Hogle Zoo Lights! It is an amazing experience.