Buffalo Zoo

The Buffalo Zoo is not as big as other famous zoos in the State but it sure is a great zoo to take your children to learn about animals.

The zoo is a great place to visit whether it rains or shine. Visitors and families always find themselves very entertain by number of animals that goes out and venture when the weather is cool and rainy.

This zoo is the third oldest Zoo in the United States. It often exhibits collection of wild and exotic animals. Open year-round, the zoo becomes a constant source of education and entertainment to visitors.


Buffalo Zoo Coupons

While visiting zoo could be a fun and educational bonding for you and your family, sometimes the expense sucks the fun out of it. In our time now, it is always good enough to have discounts to at least be able to lessen your expense. When visiting the Buffalo Zoo, you don’t always have to pay the fees in full. There are memberships , promos and Buffalo Zoo coupons that would help lessen you expense.

Membership Bonus Package:

Reduced or Discounted Price of Tickets
AMC: $6.00
Dipson: $7.00
Regal Movie Tickets: $6.50
Delta Sonic Car Wash: $4.50
Delta Sonic Superkiss: $9.00


Hotels Near Buffalo Zoo:

Before or after visiting the zoo, you may want to rest in a nice cozy space for you and your family. There are a lot of Hotel near Buffalo Zoo. You can choose to quite a wide varity of hotel options.

You may want to check the DoubleTree Club Hotel which is the only hotel that is minutes away from the city’s centre of attractions.
There are many other hotels to choose from that you may want to check out.

Zoo Hours

Buffalo Zoo Hours:

July 1- August 31 10:00am-5:00pm
September1- June 30 10:00am-4:00pm

NOTE: grounds remains open 1 hour after gates closes

On Fridays in July and August, the Zoo is open for admission until 7:30pm and may remain on the ground until 8:30pm

NOTE: There are special cases such as construction, births and veterinary procedures that may require specific animals be removed from the view of the public to ensure best care.
THere will be no refunds due to that unavailability or weather.

Zoo Info

Buffalo Zoo Prices
Children 23 months and below: FREE
Children (2-24 yrs. old): $7.50
Full Time Students (up to 22 yrs. old w/ valid I.D.): $8.50
Adults: $10.50
Seniors (63+): $8.50

Parking Fees
Cars: $4.00
Buses: $7.00

Website: www.buffalozoo.org

Phone Number: (716)837-3900

Directions: The Buffalo Zoo is not a hard place to actually look for. But if you are having a hard time understanding directions then might as well type this address,
300 Parkside Ave Buffalo, NY 14214-1963, to Google Map. It’ll help you find your way and you’ll never get lost.


Buffalo Zoo Jobs:

If you are quite the animal lover, you care for them and think you can handle to work with and for them, then the Buffalo Zoo jobs is right for you.
The zoo has quite the range of zoo job openings and volunteer work that could fit you so go on and check their website.

Working in a zoo is a rare experience that is worth your time and effort. You will not only learn new things, you would also learn to love nature and animals more than ever.

Other than the Buffalo Zoo, there are more attractions within this city such as the Kleinhans Music Hall, Shea’s Performing Arts Center, Coca-Cola Field and many more.

Make sure to go and visit this places and enjoy the city of Buffalo.