Asheboro Zoo

Asheboro Zoo
Asheboro Zoo, or also known as the North Carolina Zoo, can be found in Asheboro, Randolph County, North Carolina.

The wonderful zoo is considered as one of the biggest walk through natural habitat sanctuary in the entire world, since it has a total land measurement of 1, 371 acres. Aside from being the largest zoo in the world, it is also the first in the United States and one of the state owned zoos in the US.

There are about 1100 animals in the Asheboro Zoo with 250 species that represent North America and Africa. The zoo entertains visitors and tourists 364 days in a year and it usually welcomes about 700,000 guests each year.

The North Carolina Zoo or the Asheboro Zoo is the home to the most number of chimpanzee collections in all of America. It also has the biggest collection of Alaskan seabirds in the entire US. When you visit the zoo, you can also tour around their other attractions, such as their hiking trails, the Acacia Station Giraffe Deck, the zoo’s Carousel, the 4D theatre, the Dinosaurs Attraction and their galleries.


Asheboro Zoo Coupons

The North Carolina Zoo or the Asheboro Zoo coupons are printable and they can serve as another alternative instead of paying for the tickets in full price. Asheboro Zoo coupon can be acquired by any guests in a magazine or on the Internet and can be presented for a discounted entrance to the zoo.

There are also combo passes that can be acquired during the months of April to October.

Combo passes: 1 day pass for general admission to the zoo and 3 sets of Fun tickets which the guest can use in the 4D Theatre, Endangered Species Carousel or Dinosaur Exhibit.

Group passes: guests in a group of 15 or more paying attendees can be given discounted rates if they purchase their tickets in advance.

AAA, military and SENAC members: these members can have discounted general admission passes if they can show their member identification.

Acquiring memberships can be purchased in the North Carolina Zoological Society. The receipt for the general ticket admission can be used for re-entering the park on the same day if you need to exit.


Hotels Near the Asheboro Zoo:

Asheboro Zoo does not have their own hotel but there are accommodating hotels near Asheboro Zoo. Some of the most visited Asheboro Zoo hotels are the Hampton Inn and the Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites.

You can also check out Asheboro Zoo hotel packages in the Quality Inn Asheboro or in Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott Asheboro.

If you would need to make a booking reservation for a hotel, you can visit the site of Travelocity or

Zoo Hours

Asheboro Zoo Hours:

The Zoo is open to visitors and tourists every day for 364 days a year, except on Christmas day.
November to March: The Zoo will be open at 9 in the morning and be closed at 4 in the afternoon
April to October: The Zoo will be open at 9 in the morning and be closed at 5 in the afternoon

There may be changes in the operating hours of the zoo in cases there are severe weather conditions. You can see updates in the Zoo’s homepage.

During a very cold weather, there are some animals that will be unable to tolerate the condition. Most of them would be the African species. Due to this reason, some animals may not be available for exhibit if the temperature becomes 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Precipitation can also affect some animals on exhibit. Temperatures exceeding the 45 degree minimum may let the zoo administrators to let the animals be on exhibit later on the day.

Zoo Info

Asheboro Zoo Prices:
Combo pass:

  • Adult – $16
  • Senior (62 years old and above) – $14
  • Child (2 – 12 years old) – $12
  • Child (under 2 years of age) – FREE

Individual Day Pass:

  • Adult – $12
  • Senior (62 years old and above) – $10
  • Child (2 – 12 years old) – $8

Groups of 15-50:

  • Adult – $11
  • Senior (62 years old and above) – $9
  • Child (2 – 12 years old) – $7
  • Child (under 2 years of age) – FREE

Groups of 51 and more:

  • Adult – $10
  • Senior (62 years old and above) – $8
  • Child (2 – 12 years old) – $6
  • Child (under 2 years of age) – FREE


Directions: the Asheboro Zoo or the North Carolina Zoo can be located at 4401 zoo Parkway in Asheboro, North Carolina. The management of the Zoo has conveniently posted different directions from different origins, depending where the starting point of the guest is. You can check out further details in


Asheboro Zoo Jobs:

The Asheboro Zoo can offer experiences for volunteers and interns. If you are interested in becoming a part of the staff who contributes their knowledge, skills and expertise, you can check out the website of the zoo to know more about the people that they are looking for. You will be presented with an online application and a chance to be trained.

The volunteers will have opportunities of being zoo hosts, horticulture volunteers, exhibit interpreter volunteers, retail volunteers and wildlife rehabilitation volunteers.

Guests and visitors can also enjoy other activities in the Asheboro Zoo like attend events and parities in the area, join in the programs of Zoo Camps and Zoo snoozes and get the chance of feeding the animals.