Binder Park Zoo

Binder Park Zoo, located in Battle Creek, Michigan, is one of the stateÕs largest zoos, coming in at a whopping 433 aces. In addition to its collection of wild animals, the zoo also has child-friendly activities like a train, theatre, carousel, and even its own ChildrenÕs Zoo.

While the main zoo offers exciting animal adventures with cheetahs, koalas, and snow leopards, the ChildrenÕs Zoo houses domestic petting animals in an interactive exhibit. Perhaps the most notable part of the Binder Park Zoo is their Wild Africa exhibit, which recreates an 18-acre mock Savannah, complete with giraffes, zebras, and an African aviary.


Binder Park Zoo Coupons

Binder Park Zoo coupons will help you enjoy your experience, while also offsetting costs. There are several Binder Park Zoo discounts that can be found on their website.

Groups of 15 people or more can enjoy reduced rates at Binder Park Zoo by calling ahead for special discounts.

AAA members can enjoy 10% off of the standard admission with valid identification.

Membership to the Binder Park Zoo costs $50 for an individual, and $75 for a family, including two adults. Binder Park membership allows free park access for one year, and member-exclusive coupons and discounts. Binder Park also offers special clubs ranging from $150 to $1500 that include things like extra guests, special tote bags, and even VIP tours.


Hotels Near Binder Park Zoo:

There are many hotels near Battle Creek and the Binder Park Zoo that can accommodate your zoo visit. They include the Holiday Inn Battle Creek, Hampton Inn Battle Creek, and Fairfield Inn Battle Creek. You can book any of these zoo hotels through popular travel websites, like Be sure to ask if they are offering special Binder Park Zoo packages.

Zoo Hours

Binder Park Zoo Hours:

Binder Park Zoo is closed for the winter season. It will reopen again on April 20th.

The zoo’s office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM.

Zoo Info

Prices for Admission:

Prices for admission are currently unavailable. You will be able to check new prices online starting April 20th, 2013.


Phone Number: 269-979-1351

Directions: If you headed to Binder Park Zoo from Detroit or Chicago, take exit 100 off of 1-94. Binder Park Zoo will be located three miles south. Follow signs to the entrance of the zoo.


Binder Park Zoo Jobs:

Think you might be interested in a Binder Park Zoo job? The zoo is always accepting applications for guest services, animal care, and grounds care. As the season begins in April, the zoo does much of its hiring every March. Internships are also available. To apply for Binder Park Zoo jobs, visit and download their application directly via their website.

Binder Park Zoo is located in Battle Creek, Michigan. Trivia lovers may know that Battle Creek is also known as the Cereal City, due to the fact that is the home of cereal monolith Kellogg. There are many cereal-related activities to do in Battle Creek, like participating in the World’s Longest Breakfast Table festival. You can also enjoy the cities Symphony, which is the longest running in the state, in the downtown Kellogg auditorium.