Badu the Lioness and Kesi the Giraffe On Display at Maryland Zoo

Starting this week Badu the lioness and Kesi the giraffe will be on display at the Maryland Zoo.

Both animals are new to the zoo and are finally being released to the public this week. If you live in or around Maryland it’s time to head to the zoo!

Kesi the giraffe, who is 11 feet tall and more than 1000 pounds, has been in Maryland since October. She came from the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo in Indiana. You can visit her in the giraffe house and see her often.

As for Badu, who came from the Racine Zoo in Wisconsin, she will be in and out of her enclosure. Lions can be temperamental and she must be acclimated slowly to her new environment. If you head to the zoo do be sure to check her out as she will be in and out of public display… you may get lucky!

Each of these amazing animals are 2 years old.

Maryland zoo president Don Hutchinson said this…

“We are very happy to welcome these two animals to our zoo, each will help create a new dynamic with their respective herd or pride, and we hope that our visitors will enjoy learning about them and their species during their visits to the zoo.”

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